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Winter Wildlife Sea Safari...

New to St. Ives Sea Trips, Join us for a 2-hour sea safari on the Little Mermaid, to see what wildlife we can spot!

Embark on an Enchanting Winter Wildlife Sea Safari from St. Ives, Cornwall.

Are you ready to experience the magic of winter in the heart of Cornwall's stunning coastline?

Join us on an unforgettable Winter Wildlife Sea Safari departing from the picturesque town of St. Ives. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, where chilly temperatures reveal a hidden world of fascinating wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

Our experienced guides are not only passionate about Cornwall's wildlife but also dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey. Equipped with knowledge about the area's ecology and history, they'll enrich your experience with insightful commentary, intriguing anecdotes, and answers to all your questions.

The Little Mermaid has a heated wheelhouse so that you can come in out of the cold if you so wish, Included in your booking is a choice of a medium Steak or Cheese and vegetable Pasty, along with a hot drink, Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate*

Booking Information

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this unique winter adventure along Cornwall's coast. Book your Winter Wildlife Sea Safari now to secure your spot on a journey that promises to be both educational and exhilarating. Dress warmly, bring your camera, and let the magic of winter wildlife unfold before your eyes.

Note: It's essential to check the local weather conditions and availability before making a booking. Trips may be subject to change due to sea conditions and other factors beyond our control.

Due to the tidal harbor, there will be 2 trips run per day* at varying times around mid to high tide. Pick up and drop off will be from the end of Smeaton's quay.

Please register your interest with us and we will contact you with the availability for your choice of dates.

Come aboard and let the mysteries of Cornwall's winter sea captivate your senses.


Book your Winter Wildlife Sea Safari today!

Trips suitable for 12 passengers per trip-

2 hours

Tickets £45.00 pp (inc Cornish Pasty + hot drink)

Tell us on the form-

Dates of Visit?

How many tickets?

Your choice of pasty, Steak, or Cheese and vegetables?

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