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​Welcome to
St. Ives Sea Trips

Explore the stunning Cornish Coastline and watch the wildlife in their natural habitats

The Little Mermaid offers the best family-friendly boat trips from St. Ives Harbour around the local waters of the north coast of Cornwall. St. Ives is one of the most sought-after places to visit in the UK and has some of the most beautiful bays in the world. 

A boat trip is the best way to see the stunning natural coastline, from St. Ives to Godrevy Island and the Western Carracks, you can view coves, bays, and a wide variety of marine life including seals, dolphins, and seabirds. The Little Mermaid is where moments turn into magical memories.


Why choose St. Ives Sea Trips?

St. Ives Sea Trips is a local family-run business, with the business owner and skipper Ian at the helm.

Ian has over 40 years of boating experience on the local waters around the UK.

Our team prides itself on our fantastic customer service.

Nothing makes us happier than you enjoying your trip, see our Trip Advisor reviews.

The Little Mermaid was built for the Southampton boat show in 1999 originally named Millennium. She is a 36ft Corvette bullet designed as a category B vessel for offshore use. Designed to handle winds up to beaufort 8 and 4 meters significant wave height. When purchased by Ian we renamed her the Little Mermaid.

The boat is coded by the MCA to be a category 2 vessel, this enables us to travel 60 miles from safe haven with up to 12 passengers and 2 crew.

We are compliant with the MGN280, meeting the highest standards of safety. 

Since Ian purchased the boat it has been through a number of upgrades, including a new engine which makes the Little Mermaid one of the fastest boats in St. Ives Harbour allowing for a comfortable and exhilarating experience.

We are WiSe Accredited upholding the aim of minimising the disturbance to marine wildlife by promoting responsible wildlife watching. 

WiSe Accreditation is obtained through training, certification, and helping to raise awareness.

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