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Terms & Conditions

Before your Trip

Allow enough time for getting to St Ives, finding a parking space, getting to the booking office, picking up the ticket, and getting down to the harbour. There is plenty to do and see in St Ives, so don’t worry about getting here too early and we advise people to have parked at least an hour before departure time. You need to be at our office on Smeatons Pier approximately 30min before your boat departure time, to get your ticket, receive briefing and lifejackets then walk to the departure point.

If you have booked in advance or are driving a long way to get here, call us before you start your journey, or the night before to check likely sailing conditions.

Let us know before booking if any of your party may need assistance getting on the boat/skiff or walking up and down steps. Babies must be removed from prams for loading and unloading onto the main boats or the skiff.

Passengers should consider themselves to be sufficiently medically fit to undertake a boat trip. You should advise us in good time whether any member of your party has any medical conditions or disability requiring any special care during embarking or whilst on a vessel. We will use every reasonable effort to assist such passengers but if we are not informed in a timely manner we cannot be responsible for any inconvenience or costs which may arise if carriage of that person is refused.


St Ives is a tidal harbour and there are 3 different departure points, some will require the use of a smaller purpose built skiff to transport you to and from the shore. Occasionally this may mean landing on the beach and paddling. Please call us first before booking if this could be a problem for any of your party (I.E. If someone is unstable on their feet or getting wet feet is a problem)


We reserve the right to alter routes and durations or cancel a trip due to the wind or other reasons. We will, as far as possible, inform customers in a timely manner. Rain will not stop a trip as there is a large covered area on the boat. If you think there might be strong winds on the day of your sailing, please call us on 0777 300 8000.

Regular trips – There are no waiting times. That means if you have purchased a ticket and arrive late, the boat will not wait for you. You will not be entitled to a refund, unless we can fill your seats with other paying passengers. A minimum of 6 passengers is needed per trip unless the booking is for private charter.

Whole boat charter – If the group arrives late, waiting time is sailing time and waiting time cannot be added to the end of the trip.

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